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As an author you may be new to public relations or considering hiring a publicist for the first time. You may also be a bestseller who has worked with an in-house publicist at your publisher for many years. Either way, you have
questions. In this section you'll find some of the most common questions that authors have when looking for a publicist of their own. If you don't see your questions answered here, please contact us and we'd be happy to talk with you.

Q. What kind of experience and background do you have?

A. We have a team with a combined experience of over 30 years in media and public relations. Much of our team's experience includes corporate and agency public relations, writing for national magazines and newspapers as journalists. Our track record includes both Carly Phillips and Vicki Lewis Thompson as two of the seven total books picked by the Kelly Ripa Book Club on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly and work with some of the largest New York Publishers in the industry including Warner, St. Martin's Press and MIRA Books. We are experienced in national campaigns and author brand building. President Theresa Meyers holds a degree in Mass Communications and has been an active member in Romance Writers of America since 1993. She has also been a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the National Writers Union (NWU).

Q. What do you do for clients?

A. Everything we do is tailored to the client's specific brand and needs. Services we offer to clients include national media campaigns, satellite radio media tours, book tour development, branding, media training for authors, press releasewriting, contest development, applying for speaking opportunities at regional and national conferences for authors,reviewer mailings, reader group mailings and much more. No matter how small or large a project, we typically
handle it.

Q. Do you have a specialty?

A. Yes! Fiction authors are our specialty. Because many on our team have experience in writing fiction, we have a unique appreciate and understanding of what fiction authors need and how to attract the attention of media for books that usually get passed by.

Q. Why do you have both hourly and retainer pricing?

A. Rates are given in a range because every client's needs are unique. Many writers are on a fixed budget and only want to work with a publicist on an hourly basis. We charge our clients in 15 min. increments based on a flat rate of $80 an hour (as of July 1, 2004). That way if you only use 15 min. of our time, that's all you pay for. Some writers prefer to have a fixed amount billed every month for unlimited access to us for meetings, brainstorming and more. We offer these clients a retainer which is based on the estimated average amount of time we would spend with them each month.

Q. How do you normally charge clients?

A. In general, we work on a debit system with our clients who are hourly. We ask that you establish an account with us and work is debited from that amount. When your account gets low, we let you know, so you are always in control. For many authors this system works well because when they receive and advance or have a month with money available,they can deposit into their account for future use. If you ever stop working with us, your account is refunded to you in total, minus any outstanding charges for work and expenses. For our retainered clients, a monthly bill is sent out along with the status report.

Q. How do I know if I'm ready for a publicist?

A. If you feel you need something to boost you to the next level or are finding it too difficult to keep up on the promotion you have been doing for yourself, you may be ready for a publicist. In general many authors set aside 10-20% of their advance for promotion. If this seems overwhelming to you, you may want to reconsider hiring your own publicist. Only you will know. The best way to find out is to interview a few publicists and find one that is right for you. Like an agent, your publicist is a very personal relationship that impacts your writing career. Find someone you can work with as a team and someone who understands the importance of promoting your unique brand.