Day & Hourly Rates

Unlike many other Public Relations Agencies which charge a monthly retainer, Blue Moon Communications charges a flat hourly fee. Time is tracked in 15 minute increments. If all you need is 15 minutes of our time, that's all you pay for.

Hourly rate: $80 (as of July 1, 2004)

Other fees charged back to client are: postage, long distance, special project such as printing and advertising cost, etc.Below are estimated prices for projects based on expected hours

Public Relations/Employee Communications


Press Release:depending on research and material provided

$300-$500 per page

$100-$300 per page

Press Kit: depending on number of items and research required $1,000-$3,000 and up


Award application/submission: depending on scope/research

$45-$75 per hour

$500-$3,000 and up

Crisis communication plan: depending on scope/research
$1,500-$5,000 and up

Employee communication materials

Speech, 20-minute

Special event pieces (Invitations, programs)



$45-$75 per hour

Special Event coordination/concepting

Technical, scholarly and scientific papers

Ghost writing (for articles/letters/books) depending on scope/research

$1,500-$5,000 and up

$50-$75 per hour

$100-$5,000 and up


Business Communications

Full-page ad (7 x 10 inches)
Annual report
Feature article
Brochure (7 x 10 inch)
Business plan
Case history
$200-$750 per page
$1,000-$5,000 and up
$200-$600 per page (or $40-$120 per item)
Corporate profile/history
Data sheets
Direct mail package to generate leads
Direct mail package, mail order
Film, slide presentations, or other
audio/visual script
$200-$600 per page
$3,000-$10,000 and up
$100-$300 per minute
Instruction manual
Invoice/paycheck stuffers
Radio commercial
Sales letter
Training materials
Web page copy
$35-$65 per hour
$200-$1,000 per package or label, depending on size
$35-$65 per hour
$200-$1,000 per page
$300-$600 and up
$100 per page or $40 hourly