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Corporate Sales Flyer for Graphic Arts Center Publishing, Inc.

Why Books Make the Best Business Gifts

Think about it! The business gifts you choose say more about your organization than you realize. They serve to motivate, greet, sympathize, congratulate, introduce and mediate. For years, products such as flowers, wine, and food have dominated the all-purpose gift market, but realistically, none offer the advantages of the best business gift of all--a book.

Consider this:

  • Books won't wilt
  • Books don't melt
  • Books can't break
  • They never rot your teeth
  • Books don't give you hangovers
  • Reading a few won't make you gain weight
  • Books appeal to all ages and both genders
  • They educate while entertaining
  • It's legal to ship them across state lines and international borders as well as give them to minors
  • They can be personalized to make a lasting impression
  • Books age better, last longer and have more impact on society than any other all-purpose gift
  • As a gift, a photographic book stands out. It is something people are proud to display, both at work and at home.
  • Photographs say more than words ever can, and as busy as most people are, they prefer to look at a picture to gain an entire story than read a long novel.

So, next time you are frantically thinking of what to give to the visiting VIP, dedicated employee, or board of directors, remember the gift that fits everyone without worry--a photographic book.

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