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August 9, 1999

Scottsdale Online Debuts By Giving Back to The Community

Phoenix, AZ--Unlike other Valley Internet service providers, Scottsdale Online is making its debut by focusing its efforts on the local community.

In addition to offering Valley customers comprehensive Internet service, Scottsdale Online will provide a portal tying the consumer to local professionals who can answer questions from travel and leisure to real estate. The service had taken steps to reach parents and schools by making bulletin boards available to each teacher in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area free of charge.

"Our purpose is to help bring the community together in new ways," maintains Ken Roberts, President of ValleyLocal Internet, Inc. "By providing bulletin boards to teachers on an individual basis, we're hoping to foster more interactive communication between parents, students and teachers. Teachers will be able to post items such as homework assignments, supply needs, special notices, requests for field trip chaperones and messages to students or parents."

The bulletin boards are just one of the many features Roberts says he plans to introduce to Scottsdale residents in the coming months. "Scottsdale Online is committed to finding new ways to give back to our community. We believe that being a part of the community is more than just owning a business, it's making an impact on the lives of the people who live here," Roberts stated.

Scottsdale Online is a local, privately-owned subsidiary of ValleyLocal Internet, Inc. The company provides telecommunications and Internet service including dial-up services, web-site domain hosting, high-speed symmetrical digital subscriber lines (SDSL) for businesses and e-Commerce sites. For more information about connection fees, service options and more, call 602-493-7102.




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