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October 17, 1996

Mr. Ed Chittenden
Beautiful Gardens
P.O. Box 2971
Dublin, CA 94568-0971

Dear Mr. Chittenden:

He was a killer of the worst kind. The kind that kills first and asks questions later. Weeds in the neighborhood were scared. Real scared. And why shouldn't they be? The killer was fast and left little behind of his victims except their shriveled shells. It was like the life had been sucked right out of them.

We caught Mr. Green in cahoots with the suspect. A desperate man in a desperate situation, Mr. Green's family reunion was taking place in his backyard and he already had unwanted green, broadleaf guests. With less than three hours until the crowd arrived, he had to work fast. He called in the murder suspect-2 Hour Weed Eraser-to knock off his unwanted weeds in a hurry. They were dead by the time his family arrived.

That's where you come in. We'd like you to review the case and the evidence we've shipped to you. With spring gardening just around the corner, this murder suspect poses a grave threat to weeds everywhere.

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